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Trump spokesman leaves for ‘next-gen’ social media company

Trump's assistant Jason Miller at the U.S. Capitol on February 9, 2021.

Trump’s assistant Jason Miller at the U.S. Capitol on February 9, 2021.
Photo: Andrew Harnik / AFP (Getty Images)

Longtime spokesperson for Donald Trump and trial loser noted Jason Miller reportedly intends to enter a cocoon and reappear as an even dirtier bug: a social media mogul.

According to Business intern, a “person familiar with the matter” said Trump is already interviewing potential replacements for Miller, who will remain on his team in some capacity but will now spend most of his time at a company that “currently has a platform of social media that Trump plans to use. A source “familiar with the plans” described the company as involved in “the next generation“A technology that” blows up everything that currently exists on the market. ” .

There isn’t a long list of social networks that Trump might consider joining – it’s banned pretty much everywhere, for now, leave only marginal networks like the far-right Parler and Gab sites – let alone which could be described as powered by astonishing technical feats. Previously the The Wall Street Journal reported the top candidates included the Facebook / Twitter clone CloutHub and a site called Free space, relatively tiny sites that have tried to lure conservatives into anger at the supposed censorship of mainstream destinations. But our next best guess is that Miller is joining some sort of blockchain-powered social media site that bills itself as a free speech utopia.

Politico reported This week, Trump is still debating which site he will eventually join, but it’s hard to imagine he will find a replacement with so much reach outside of GOP-aligned echo chambers as provided by Instagram, Facebook. , Twitter and YouTube. It wouldn’t be his first attempt to find a new platform, either.

In March 2021, Miller Fox News promise that the president would return to social media in the next two tothree months with “something I think will be the hottest post in social media [that is] will completely redefine the game ”and that“ tens of millions of people ”will join it. After months of trying to create anticipation, the ex-president started a blog titled “From Donald J. Trump’s Office.” He abandoned the project weeks later in the middle widespread mockery for its clean design and inability to gain much ground in terms of views or attention.

At the time, an anonymous Trump aide said the Washington Post the former president was exasperated by the lackluster reception: “He wanted to open a new ‘platform’ and didn’t like that platform being mocked and having so few readers.” Miller also steered Trump away from the failed venture, describing it as we come from [an] auxiliary to the larger efforts that we are leading and working on.

As Facebook announced that Trump’s ban would end in 2023, ideally just in time for the 2024 campaign season, he seemed less than happy to wait.

“[Facebook] say they can get me back in two years. I’m not too interested in that, ”Trump told supporters at the North Carolina GOP convention in Greeneville, North Carolina, according to Politico. “Maybe they’ll allow me to come back in two years. We have to stop this. We cannot let this happen. So unfair. They arrest a whole group of people. Not just me. They stifle the voice of a much bigger and bigger group.

Trump has since returned to post statements on its websiteto place.

While it’s of course possible that whatever Miller is working on could help pave the way for Trump’s social media resurgence, it’s also possible that the ants are building tiny reservoirs out of chitin and starting a war against it. the bees. Hey. We never know!

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