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Trump, again denies interference in Russian elections, tells Biden to give Putin “my warmest regards”

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Fighting breaks out in the prosecution of the Bolivian legislature

The fight pitted opposition politician Henry Romero against a member of the ruling socialist party MAS, Antonio Colque. The latter was visibly injured after the fighting. “They all grabbed me, pulled me by the back,” Colque told reporters after the fight. “We cannot allow this.” The problem was Bolivia’s troubled politics in recent years. fourth term unconstitutional. At least 33 people were killed in post-election violence in clashes in Senkata, outside La Paz. In October, after an 11-month interim government, the former minister of Morales’s economy Luis Arce won a landslide election, paving the way for Morales to return home. Jeanine Anez, a conservative lawmaker who took over as head of the interim government, was sent to jail for helping to instigate a coup against Morales. Parliament was examining the legitimacy of this story. to ask is that we be respected, that they stop treating us as criminals, murderers, and that they stop exploiting the pain of the Bolivians who died in Senkata “, declared Romero, after the fighting. “And it will surely be up to the law to clarify everything, as with all the tragic events that followed.”

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