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Horror Comedy Short Snore: Puppets, Gore, Mayhem

A puppet wearing sunglasses and red lipstick faces the camera in the horror short Snore.

Look under the bed, Karen!
Picture: Faster productions

We presented the world of the filmmaker Luther Bhogal Jones on io9 before, but his last one is quite different from his Jean Charpentier-ish short film Good night, Halloween. That said, Snoring is still very much in the horror genre – it just involves a lot more puppetry.

Snoring introduces us to a businesswoman named Karen who has been through tough times. Currently, she has nothing left except a stack of plans for her comeback and her personal assistant / sorta-boyfriend Callum. Together, they settle into a flea motel for the night while she prepares her next move, but there’s Something already in their room which is causing quite a ruckus.

As you can see, Snoring also uses miniatures and a green screen – and a fair amount of stage blood – to bring its chaos to life, but these puppets are the real stars. According to the film’s press release, they were designed by Garry Robson and made by accessory maker Charlotte Regan.

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