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CD Projekt Red Says Inside Ransomware Breach Data Is Released Online

CD Projekt Red is still grappling with the fallout from the ransomware attack it suffered in February. The Polish studio behind The Witcher has released an update on the security breach, indicating that internal data stolen during the hack is circulating online. Although the developer said he couldn’t confirm the exact content of the information, he believes the files may include details of current and former employees and contractors, as well as data related to his games.

As part of the breach, hackers seized the source code of titles, including Cyberpunk 2077 and a new version of Witcher 3. The attackers also emptied or threatened to dump documents related to accounting, administration, law, human resources, investor relations, etc.

At the time, the studio defiantly said it would not give in to ransom demands or negotiate with the actor behind the breach. Days later, it was revealed that the hackers had staged an auction for the stolen data on a hacking forum – with the starting price of $ 1 million and an outright call option for $ 7 million. of dollars – but this was apparently closed in favor of a private offer.

In its latest statement released Thursday, CD Projekt Red detailed a number of security measures implemented in the wake of the attack. The company said it redesigned its core IT infrastructure, used new firewalls with advanced anti-malware protection, rolled out a new remote access solution, and limited the number of privileged accounts. He added that he was working with a network of security and law enforcement agencies, including the Polish police and the national data regulator. The studio revealed that it had also contacted Interpol and Europol as part of its efforts to take action against the perpetrators.

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