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An autonomous bike is something to admire: gadgets

Extracts from the article: –

“One of the most annoying things about bikes is that they don’t stand on their own, especially when they’re stationary. That’s why they come with racks, after all. Having said that, if you had a lot of electronics and mechanical gear suited to one, you could do something about it, and that’s exactly what [稚晖君] did.

The video of the project comes without subtitles and translation, but the main thing is as follows. A reaction wheel is mounted on the seat tube, as well as a motor that can turn the handlebars via a linkage attached to the stem. There is also a motor to move the bike forward via a friction drive to the rear wheel. Combine them with an inertial unit and proper control system, and you’ve got a bike that can balance itself while standing perfectly still.

The performance of the system is impressive and is even able to keep the bike perfectly upright balanced on a fence rail. Thanks to an on-board camera and LiDAR system, the bike can also move around without a rider on board, which is a pretty scary picture. Find a way to do the same while hiding the extra mechanics and you have one hell of a Halloween display. “

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