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‘Among Us’ will borrow from its mod community to stay relevant

Among us has built its audience in part thanks to the sheer number of mods, and Innersloth clearly hopes it keeps the excitement going by incorporating these add-ons into the game. The developer has unveiled a roadmap for Among us which includes more than a few features previously reserved for mods, including a hide-and-seek mode as well as roles like Sheriff (who can kill impostors) and Scientist. These will feel familiar and maybe even slightly overdue if you’ve been using mods for months, but it’s always good to see them built into the base game.

You will also appreciate other improvements. The next major update will include support for 15 players in case the usual 10 are too small. In the long run, you can also expect a fifth map, achievements, cross-platform account linking, visor cosmetics, and expanded console support that will include PlayStation as well as the jack. Xbox support mentioned earlier.

There are no specific deadlines for these additions. Still, it might be welcome if you’re tired of using sometimes glitchy mods – assuming, of course, that you haven’t moved on to other games by the time the updates are ready. Among us was super relevant in the height of the pandemic when he helped friends stay in touch, but it could lose its luster as the lockdowns end and games like GTA VRole-playing games get more attention.

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