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Twitter brings newsletter subscription buttons Revue to profiles

The newsletter war continues to escalate. Substack appears to be growing rapidly, and Facebook will be rolling out its own platform this month. Twitter entered the game in January, when it did. Soon, Revue newsletter subscription buttons will appear on profiles.

When you visit the profile of someone who manages a Revue newsletter, you will be able to subscribe with a few clicks or taps. After confirming your subscription, Revue will start sending the newsletter to the email address associated with your Twitter account.

“We want to give editors the tools to turn their growing and engaged Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers”, Revue . “This will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tuned.” Twitter said that the subscribe button comes to profiles on the web and Android first, and iOS a little later.

The move could make Journal a more attractive option for people who are considering launching a newsletter, especially those who already have a ton of subscribers. Twitter is the primary communication platform for many people in the public eye. If a Journal Subscribe button is visible on a popular person’s profile, it could encourage visitors to subscribe.

Writers can distribute free or paid newsletters on Revue. Twitter is slashing paid newsletter subscriptions by five percent – half the price Substack charges. Facebook, meanwhile, said this week that it would not experience any reduction in creator income.

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