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Tip For Better Youtube Video Search Via Google Search – Gadgets To Use

Sometimes when you are looking for something on the web and you just want YouTube videos as your search results. For this, it is very important to understand how to search for videos only. You can go directly to Youtube to search, but sometimes it doesn’t show exact results and also miss other web results. So here I will tell you some tips to better search for videos on Youtube through Google search.

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Tip for a better video search on Youtube

There are several ways to search for a video, including direct search on YouTube, Google, or Google Videos. Here I have explained all of these ways. Read on!

1. Directly via YouTube

This is the obvious way to search for anything on YouTube. Just go to on your browser and open the YouTube app on your phone. Type your search term in the search box at the top and click the search icon at the other end of this bar.

That’s it, you will be presented with the YouTube videos search results for that keyword and you can scroll down to find what you are looking for.

2. Via the video tab of Google search

This is a useful trick to search for a YouTube video on the Google search page itself. Here’s how to search this page. Open the Google search page or in your URL bar in Chrome browser, enter your search query.

When Google displays the search results, tap or click the Videos tab from the various tabs including All, Videos, News, Images, etc. Here you will not only see the results of Youtube videos but also videos from other websites.

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3. Via Google Videos

It is another tool to search for video on Google just like Google Images. To use this feature, type Google videos into the address bar or Google search, or visit this URL –

Now type in your search query and click on Google Search. That’s it and you will see all the video results including YouTube and other websites.

So these were the ways to improve the search for videos on Youtube via Google search. Hope you can research what you are looking for using these tips. For more YouTube tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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