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Sci-Fi Horror Movie Meander Has a Terrifying Trailer

A woman crawls down a pipe in the trailer for the claustrophobic sci-fi horror film Meander.

Screenshot: Gravitas companies

“You wake up. You are stuck up in a pipe. That’s all this trailer for Mathieu Turi french horror movie Meander I had to say to cool my bones and do me what to turn off the trailer in visceral disgust. Comparatively, telling me that the pipe is “full of death traps” doesn’t bother me at all.

I can’t stand scenes in movies and TV shows where characters are buried alive, as it badly triggers my claustrophobia, to the point that I had to close my eyes. It turns out that seeing someone get stuck in a very small vent also does the trick, making Meander‘s premise – a young woman is kidnapped and, as stated, wakes up in a pipe – so terrifying to me, even in the trailer alone:

In the movie, Lisa (Gaia Weiss) has to crawl through this giant pipe, section by section, within eight minutes to stay alive before the section becomes lethal. “Traps” seems to be an oversimplification, because if the pipe contains various mechanisms which, for example, fill it with fire or do the ground rises to crush Lisa (shudder), it also contains things like monsters who are also possibly aliens and somehow his deceased daughter (according to the movie’s official description). It’s kind of like a much smaller version of the 1997 horror movie cube, or a tiny, horrible Infinity train.

Give me aliens and dead children any day of the week, just keep me out of confined spaces. Hell, I don’t even like watching the movie poster:

The poster for the sci-fi horror movie Meander.

Picture: Gravitas companies

Meander will have a limited theatrical release on July 9. You won’t see me there.

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