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Reddit shuts down secret Santa, Bill Gates’ favorite platform

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More gifts from Bill Gates.


Yesterday, admins made the baffling and infuriating announcement that Reddit was shutting down the beloved platform Secret Santa Reddit Gifts after the 2021 holiday season. Christmas reddit, under assault. All Stonks Day, everyday, forever. Wrapping paper, smoldering on top of a single lump of Reddit coal.

Over the years, the related r / secretsanta forum has attracted over 200,000 members and celebrity surprises such as a cat drawing by Arnold schwarzenegger, a dedication shaq photo, and annual Bill Gates gift packs containing items such as video games, a horse blanket, and 81 pounds of books and toys.

“Why the hell would you want to kill this,” one of the main comments read. Reddit admins haven’t explained much in their ad yesterday, but acknowledged that “countless acts of love, heroism, compassion, support, growth and hilarity have happened through Reddit Gifts, and those memories will live on in the hearts of our community” . Plus loads of free press. Why the fuck would have are you killing that? Reddit has yet to respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

Admins explained that Reddit invests in platform-wide features, such as modification tools and security functions. This may also be due to the fact that Wall Street Bets now ranks third most active subreddit, followed by the CryptoMoonRocks and CryptoMoon crypto advice forums. Administrators the links to updates from Reddit state, among other things, traffic information for Wall Street bets and doge head avatars for premium subscribers.

As the Independent reported, interest in Secret Santa has slightly decreased in recent years, up to around 100,000 participants, compared to 10.5 million members of Wall Street Bets.

Reddit Secret Santa creator Dan McComas stepped in to try to save the trade. McComas created the forum then run by volunteers in 2009 with a gift limit of $ 15 and transformed it in his own exchange; as wired reported that time, thousands of user registrations turned into a lot of fieldwork, and McComas sent tens of thousands of individual and mass customer service emails. Reddit bought the platform in 2011.

“So you got the better of someone else [sic] project years ago, made money out of it and then killed it, ”wrote one editor. Another: “Translation – we don’t make enough money on this to make it worth it. “

In a comment, McComas offered to take over Reddit for free, even running their ads and allowing Reddit to pocket the profits. Reddit apparently didn’t take it into account, so McComas threw in r / newsecretsanta, with the first three employees returning as moderators, and now over 7,000 members. (At the time of As of this writing, it’s the fastest growing subreddit.) It is currently asking for developers, AWS admins, designers, writers, and a “shit of people willing to spread the word, attract more people. , to make people happy 🙂 ”

Gizmodo asked if he would accept donations we would happily give and update the post if we have any news.

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