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Microsoft gears up for its big Windows event with 11-minute startup sound remix

Microsoft has decided that the best way to remind people that it is launching “What’s Next for Windows” at an event on June 24 is with a song. Specifically, a “slo-fi” remix with the startup sounds of Windows 95, XP and 7 is all played at 4,000 percent reduced speed. As Gizmodo Helpfully underline, this slowdown brings the track to a length of exactly 11 minutes, for reasons you can probably figure out for yourself.

Making people think of slowdowns from your next OS update is certainly a bold strategy, but my question is why Microsoft hasn’t relied on startup sound remixes / artists that already exist. As it is, the sounds play on videos that are reminiscent of the default desktops for each operating system and are quite peaceful to watch.

Style is pretty much its own genre on SoundCloud, with the advantage of being slightly more listenable than anything. Whether you like it or not, it’s always intriguing and prompts people to get a reminder before the unveiling on June 24 at 11 a.m. ET. If you just wanted to hear the startup sounds as you remember them, give this video a try instead.

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