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Goldman Sachs Forcing U.S. Bankers To Disclose Vaccine Status

Goldman Sachs is demanding that its U.S. bankers disclose whether or not they have been vaccinated against Covid-19 before an expected return to the office next week.

In a memo sent to staff that was seen by the Financial Times, Goldman told employees that responses are required Thursday at noon eastern time.

“Recording your immunization status allows us to plan a safer return to the office for all of our staff as we continue to adhere to local public health measures,” the bank said in the memo, the contents of which were reported. for the first time by The New York Times.

“While we strongly encourage you to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, we understand that the choice to be vaccinated is a personal choice,” the memo reads.

The disclosure required by Goldman is an example of the complexity for employers to ensure a return to office life after the enormous disruption of the coronavirus pandemic.

Goldman aims to get U.S. staff back to the office on June 14, the bank told employees last month.

He had previously told staff that he could voluntarily tell whether he had been vaccinated or not, and that employees could work in the office without a mask if they had been vaccinated.

US banks such as Goldman have opted for a more aggressive return to power position compared to the gradual approach favored by European banks.

The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission clarified in December that companies could ban employees from working if they refused to be vaccinated, subject to religious and medical exemptions.

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