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‘Evil Dead: The Game’ Trailer Shows Brutal Multiplayer Battle With Deadites

If you’ve always wanted a multiplayer game set in the evil Dead universe, you are about to make your wish come true. Boss Team and Saber Interactive have shared the first gameplay trailer for Evil Dead: The Game, and that’s what you’d expect given the premise. Ash, Kelly, and the crew must work together to fight the Deadites led by a rival player, who takes on the role of a powerful demon. Indeed, it is a Death by the light of day– Asymmetrical styled title with a chainsaw hand and clever Bruce Campbell slogans.

There is a lot of nostalgia involved. In addition to bringing together characters from all evil Dead movies and shows, you can revisit familiar places and collect pages of the Necronomicon. Oh, and there’s more than a few brutal teardowns – including a particularly creative use of a shovel. The classic mixture of excessive violence and humor therefore remains intact.

the evil Dead the game’s release date is still identified as a generic “2021” despite an announcement last December. The title is expected to reach current and previous generation consoles as well as the PC when it ships, so you shouldn’t have a hard time gathering friends to play.

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