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Apple to shut down Dark Sky’s iOS app and website by the end of 2022

It was no secret that Apple would end up shutting down all of Dark Sky’s web apps and tools after buying the company in 2020, and it looks like there’s finally a firm deadline for that final cutoff for the. weather service. Developer David smith and 9to5Mac have learned that Apple will shut down Dark Sky’s iOS app, website and API in “late 2022”. That’s a year later than originally suggested, but you’ll still want to plan for a change if you’re using the iOS app or any app based on Dark Sky’s last minute predictions.

Apple shut down Dark Sky’s Android app in August of last year.

There is no doubt that Dark Sky’s technology will survive. It plays a role in iOS 14’s more detailed weather forecast (although the data comes from The Weather Channel), and iOS 15 will add features like Next Hour Precipitation Alerts. However, closures won’t be exciting if you prefer Dark Sky as a device-independent weather tool.

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