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How each state in the United States is doing when it comes to COVID vaccine distribution

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The pandemic has given Americans a lot to deal with this week. There are reasons for concern, as the continued spread of more contagious and potentially deadly coronavirus variants in the country; CDC data, which approved double masking Today, shows cases of variants have so far been identified in 34 states.

And reasons for hope, such as the downward trend in new COVID cases – yesterday marked the first time since November 2 that the United States has registered fewer than 100,000 new infections daily for three consecutive days – as well as the growing number of Americans vaccinated. against COVID.

Until Tuesday, February 9, 10.3% of the population, or 33.8 million people, had received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This represents 27.2 million people A week ago. Ten and a half million people, or about 3.2% of the population, have so far been fully immunized with two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. A total of 44 million vaccines – 67.9% of the 66 million distributed – were administered nationwide.

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Alaska remains the state with the highest proportion of its residents having received at least one injection, at 15.8%. A total of 18 states, including the most populous California, have reached more than 10% of their population with at least one dose. Kansas, Missouri and Rhode Island are the most distant, having so far vaccinated 8.3% of their populations.

Despite the steady progress of the deployment, many priority groups are still awaiting vaccination; this appears be especially true in communities of color. While data is limited, there are signs that vaccines, like the effects of the pandemic itself, are unevenly distributed.


State or territory Share vaccinated
Alabama 8.4%
Alaska 15.4%
Arizona 9.9%
Arkansas 10.3%
California 10.1%
Colorado 9.7%
Connecticut 11.9%
Delaware 10.6%
District of Colombia 10.7%
Florida 9.6%
Georgia 8.9%
Guam 15.3%
Hawaii ten%
Idaho 8.7%
Illinois 9.5%
Indiana 9.2%
Iowa 8.5%
Kansas 8.3%
Kentucky 9.9%
Louisiana 9.6%
Maine 10.5%
Maryland 9.1%
Massachusetts ten%
Michigan 9.7%
Minnesota 9.6%
Mississippi 9.3%
Missouri 8.3%
Montana 9.9%
Nebraska 8.7%
Nevada 9.5%
New Hampshire 9.2%
New Jersey 9.9%
New Mexico 12.3%
new York 9.4%
North Carolina 9.9%
North Dakota 11.7%
Ohio 9.2%
Oklahoma 11.1%
Oregon 10.3%
Pennsylvania 9.2%
Porto Rico 7.6%
Rhode Island 8.3%
Caroline from the south 9.2%
South Dakota 10.7%
Tennessee 8.5%
Texas 9.2%
Utah 9.6%
Vermont 10.5%
Virginia 10.8%
Washington 10.2%
West Virginia 12.4%
Wisconsin 10.6%
Wyoming 10.6%

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