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Lessons Your Business Can Learn From The Mad Peloton Race

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In this week’s edition, Kalita examines what other companies can learn from Peloton’s unusual culture and corporate strategy.

How to classify Peloton?

A wellness business, of course. There is also hardware (you plug the bike or the treadmill into the wall). Software (there is an application). And a content recommendation engine (“Pop rides you’ll love!”). Talent Management (Cody Rigsby has 561K Instagram followers,Ally love559K). A community platform (high five, #PelotonMoms).Logistics, clothing, retail, media, entertainment, we could go on.

So Peloton is a complicated business. Yet perhaps no other brand has come across better this past year of curves: a global pandemic, civil unrest, historically dividing elections. Of course it was a bumpy ride, fromso-called sexist advertisementsto in progressdelivery problemshighlighting said success. But much of Peloton’s calculation andtransformationtook place in the public eye, making the theft of his playbook that much easier.

Kalita goes on to write about Peloton’s commitment to diversity, embracing employee individuality, its distribution strategy and other things any business can learn from.

Read his full column here.

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